The Golden One (LucasFilm's Alien Chronicles, Book 1) by Deborah Chester

By Deborah Chester

Now again in print: ebook one among Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles trilogy. The ruler of the reptilian Viis has simply bought a brand new puppy for his daughter. yet he's unaware that this furred creature with sharp teeth--enslaved by way of the Viis for lots of years--is destined to deliver down a corrupt empire.

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The Kaa demanded. " The courtiers milled about in sudden consternation, mak-ing it impossible to determine what had become of the chune or her lady in waiting. The captain of the guard hurried to the Kaa and saluted. " the Kaa commanded. He could not breathe. The air was stifling, laden with too many strange and un-pleasant smells. He could feel his heart pounding. His rill stood at complete extension, and he realized he was lashing his tail back and forth beneath his coat with enough agi-tation to make it visible.

Instead, his senses and his aes-thetics had been assaulted all afternoon. And now, Israi had clearly attached herself to what could only be an unsuitable pet. "Splendid, our daughter," the Kaa said with dignity. "But now, the hour grows advanced. We must return to the palace. " Israi jumped to her feet, but her face was a thundercloud. " she said. " In the doorway, courtiers and ladies exchanged glances. The Kaa's temper heated. " Israi's tiny face set itself stubbornly. She squeezed the golden-furred animal tighter, making it mew.

Israi didn't back down. She went on glaring up at him, stubborn to the end. Only her bottom lip trembled slightly. That tiny sign of weakness undid the Kaa. His heart melted, and he knew he could refuse her nothing, not even this ridiculous pet she wanted. She was too young, of course, for the charge of such an animal. But she would tire of it, perhaps by nightfall. Then the slaves could dispose of it quietly, and the matter would be ended. " Israi hesitated, her eyes full of appeal. The Kaa kept his tone reasonable, even gentle.

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