Searching for Dark Matter with the ATLAS Detector by Steven Schramm

By Steven Schramm

This thesis describes the quest for darkish subject on the LHC within the mono-jet plus lacking transverse momentum ultimate country, utilizing the complete dataset recorded in 2012 by means of the ATLAS scan. it's the first time that the variety of jets isn't really explicitly constrained to 1 or , hence expanding the sensitivity to new indications. as a substitute, a stability among the main full of life jet and the lacking transverse momentum is needed, therefore identifying mono-jet-like ultimate states. Collider searches for darkish topic have usually used sign versions utilizing powerful box theories (EFTs), even if evaluating to effects from direct and oblique detection experiments, the place the variation in power scale renders many such comparisons invalid. The thesis positive factors the 1st powerful and accomplished remedy of the validity of EFTs in collider searches, and gives a method in which the several classifications of darkish topic experiments will be in comparison on a valid and reasonable basis.

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7) In Eq. 7, n is the current number density and n eq is the number density at thermal equilibrium for the particle in question. The thermal average of the total annihilation cross-sections times the particle velocity is denoted as σ v . This equation implicitly assumes natural units, where = c = 1, thus v is relative to c and is a small number for non-relativistic particles. Making substitutions and solving the equation in the distinct regimes of much before TF and long after TF , as per Ref. 8) In the above, h 0 is the rescaled Hubble constant, H0 = (100h 0 ) km s−1 Mpc−1 , and a and b are coefficients of the expansion of σ v in powers of v 2 for nonrelativistic particles.

Given that the WIMP assumption is for DM particles with masses on the GeV to TeV scale, the energy transfer in such an event is at the level of O(1 keV) to O(100 keV). At these energies, the aforementioned assumption of the mediator coupling the dark sector to the SM is clearly applicable. The probability of a DM–SM nuclear recoil event occurring is directly linked the number of nucleons with which the DM can interact and the local flux of DM. The number of nucleons in the detector is given by the mass of the detector divided by the atomic mass of the particle being used as the sensitive volume, while the DM flux requires further assumptions.

If the DM particle is too light, then it only has a negligible impact on the target nucleus, and the resulting nuclear recoil energy is below detector thresholds. If the DM particle is heavier then the nuclear recoil is more apparent, but the WIMP density flux scales with mχ−1 , thus such events are also suppressed. There are in principle three methods to identify such low energy nuclear recoil events, using ionization, scintillation, or phonons. Many experiments design detectors which are able to make use of two of these measurements simultaneously.

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