Electro Static Discharge: Understand, Simulate, and Fix ESD by Michel Mardiguian

By Michel Mardiguian

A thorough and concise therapy of ESD

Recognizing its methodic, step by step assault of the electrostatic discharge (ESD) challenge, the preliminary free up of this publication used to be quoted through experts as "the such a lot thorough and concise remedy of the large ESD continuum that's available." Now in its Third Edition, this booklet offers an analogous depended on assurance of the subject whereas additionally incorporating fresh technological advances that experience taken position within the engineering group. The booklet starts off with the fundamentals of ESD for people and items, and is going directly to cover:

  • Effects of ESD coupled to electronics

  • Principal ESD specifications

  • ESD diagnostics and testing

  • Design for ESD immunity

To support with troubleshooting, many ESD case histories are given in addition to their profitable fixes. Electrostatic Discharge is vital examining for all designers who are looking to keep away from part disasters, no hassle chanced on incidents, and random blunders.

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The detector 3-dB bandwidth was 100 MHz. As for the personnel study, the recorder had nine channels with preset levels, which counted each occurrence where the treshold was exceeded. Note 1 The idea behind this detector was that a charged furniture behaves much like a voltage source. By knowing the average value of the discharge path impedance, which includes the total loop resistance, the arc resistance and the loop inductance, the unknown ESD voltage can be derived as VESD = Ipeak × Zloop . 13.

It is important to stress once more that this calibration assumes the furniture discharge to behave as a voltage source, whose current is only dependent on the load, that is, the above discussed loop impedance. As a consequence, a personnel-type discharge will be also seen by the recorder, with its true current, but the derivation of the actual ESD voltage would be wrong, the human body having a significantly higher internal resistance. 13 Circuit used for the reference discharge. 4. Statistics of Voltages and Currents Reached During ESD 21 events and possible human events.

As early as 1968 Tucker (14) recorded current waveforms from body discharges. His data show differences between ESD from the fingertip, ESD from the side of hand, and ESD enhanced by a sharp handheld tool (the most severe; see Fig. 23). Later, King (15) began a thorough study of ESD waveshapes (Figs. 27) involving mainly personnel, except in one case where an oscilloscope cart pushed against the discharge set was used. 25. 20. In contrast, when the field is locally enhanced by a sharp tool, the raising edge shows some odd shapes, with a “precursor” current spike having only a few hundred picoseconds of rise time.

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