Dzogchen Teachings by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

By Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

This ebook is a wealthy selection of necessary teachings given via the popular Dzogchen grasp Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to his scholars around the globe as a way to gain their knowing of the Dzogchen culture and its price within the smooth global. Dzogchen, or the trail of overall Perfection, is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism; it isn't a faith, culture, or philosophy. As Chögyal Namkhai Norbu says, "Dzogchen is the trail of self-liberation that permits one to find one's actual nature." Dzogchen is the truth of our precise , not just the identify of a educating. Dzogchen is our personal completely self-perfected country. In Dzogchen, the instructor supplies tools for locating that real situation.

Through those transparent, concise factors and directions no longer on hand somewhere else, Namkhai Norbu makes those profound teachings obtainable to all people. the entire chapters include worthy directions for either starting and complex scholars, despite which culture they could stick with, and insights into the real which means of significant topics concerning Sutra Tantra and Dzogchen.

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The state of enlightenment means you have direct knowledge of what the state of rigpa is, and you are not just learning through intellectual study. When you follow a teaching in an intellectual way, you have many ideas at first—thinking, judging, and making analysis. You can follow or reject these ideas; but when you have many problems, you discover that perhaps this is not real knowledge. It is like following something blindly because you haven’t had any direct experience. Direct introduction and discovering our real nature mean we have direct experience through our senses, and that through these experiences we discover our real nature.

In Tan- 35 Dzogchen Teachings tra, five points up represents pure vision, and five points down, impure vision. Whether the manifestation is pure or impure, the real condition is unchanged. For example, the mirror never changes. Whether there is a pig or a Buddha manifesting in it, for the mirror it is all the same. When we are trying to be in this contemplation, in this ball, at that moment, we are not conditioned by pure or impure vision. But in the case of our dualistic vision, we have infinite karmic potentialities.

This doesn’t mean, however, that a person cannot read or analyze books. Westerners in particular have no problem with reading books and analyzing. Everybody knows how to read and judge. People like to read books before they go to sleep. Usually, next to the place where people sleep, there are many interesting books. This is a way to enjoy books, but you will never discover your real nature that way. That is why we must understand the real meaning of the teaching. TRANSFORMATION First of all, you must understand what “self-liberation” means.

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