Dr. Atkins' New Diet Cookbook by Robert C. Atkins M.D., Veronica Atkins

By Robert C. Atkins M.D., Veronica Atkins

This ebook includes greater than 2 hundred recipes built in particular for Dr. Atkins' New nutrition Revolution along meal plans and clinical facts that demonstrates the future health advantages of low-carbohydrate consuming to manage ldl cholesterol, finish fatigue, and decrease allergies

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YOUR METABOLIC ADVANTAGE This “extra” weight loss is the result of a very exciting side benefit of low-carbohydrate dieting called a metabolic advantage. Very simply—and this has been repeatedly demonstrated in scientific studies—a person who’s eating a strict low-carbohydrate diet loses more weight at whatever his or her level of caloric intake is than he or she would be losing if eating the same number of calories on any other type of diet. Startling, but at least ten studies conducted in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s demonstrated that effect.

Beating Egg Whites: To get the most volume from egg whites, bring them to room temperature before beating. They may be beaten with a wire whisk in a large metal bowl, a rotary beater, or an electric mixer. The electric mixer is most practical. Since egg whites lose volume quickly, beat them just before you need them. Adding a pinch of cream of tartar to the unbeaten whites will help them sustain stiffness. When adding beaten whites to a recipe, fold them in with a rubber spatula being careful not to break them down.

If they question the wisdom of a high-protein diet that isn’t interested in fat restriction, tell them to watch and wait. When they see how terrific you feel and how good you look, their temptation to criticize will start to fade away. Be diplomatic and gentle but firm. Eating is a very emotional habit, and changes in the way you eat affect everyone around you. Nonetheless, this is your diet, not your relatives’. As for your kitchen, if you live alone it will be easy. Invite some friends over to finish off the ice cream, and give all your forbidden goods away to friends and neighbors.

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