Cloudless Sky by Jamgon Kongtrul

By Jamgon Kongtrul

This booklet opens how you can a deeper wisdom of mahamudra, a Buddhist approach of meditation at the nature of the brain. In supplying a close observation at the Vajra music of the 1st Jamgön Kongtrül (1813–1899), the writer elucidates the levels of flooring, direction, and fruition if you desire to meditate in response to the program.

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In general, everybody strives to reinforce positive thoughts and reduce negative thoughts. This is not the point of this type of meditation. Nothing new is created, nothing is changed, nothing is judged. Without influencing the moment of nowness one rests in its original nature. Even • 44. ·· • Commentary •.. though this does not involve an object of meditation, the mind does not stray hut remains undistracted in the experience of the natural and ordinary awareness of the moment. In meditation, there should be no trace ofdeliberateness.

While on a relative plane samsara and nirvana appear to be separate from each other, ultimately, they are nondual in suchness. This is the true nature of mind, which is buddha-nature, ultimate truth, ultimate bodhichitta. These are only concepts related to ground mahamudra, the basic nature of all phenomena. This ends the section of the song referring to ground mahamudra, or basic nature and the proper viewpoint with regard to it. PATH MAHAMUDRA As for path mahamudra: Path mahamudra is the practice of the view of mahamudra, the experience of this view through meditation.

This experience is inexpressible in words, and transcends analogies and descriptions. The wisdom of nonthought is the natural and fresh experience of ordinary mind. Not keeping to dogmatism or a"ogance, It is clearly seen as dharmakaya. "Not keeping to dogmatism" means that it is impossible to express this state in words. "Not keeping to arrogance" means that notions about the nature of mind are irrelevant. Free from the tendency to conceptualize experience in either words or thoughts, one rests in ordinary mind and experiences its nature as luminous dharmakaya .

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