Bon Po Hidden Treasures: A Catalogue of Gter Ston Bde Chen by Jean-Luc Achard

By Jean-Luc Achard

New Bon supplies to turn into a huge concentration of curiosity between educational Tibetologists within the coming years. This distinct, first-ever English-language quantity on Tibet’s New Bon faith (14th century onwards) includes the complete catalogue of the accumulated rediscovered teachings printed through bDe chen gling pa, a big Bon po grasp of the second one a part of the nineteenth century in japanese Tibet. Belonging to a later interval of improvement in the numerous lineages of latest Bon, bDe chen gling stands as a necessary hyperlink among this custom and that of the Ris med move of the past due nineteenth century. The annotated catalogue of the 13 quantity assortment in most cases covers tantric and rDzogs chen (Great Perfection) texts slightly identified outdoors local libraries.

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34. This work was rediscovered as a public treasure (khrom gter) by bDe chen gling pa in the Yongs rdzogs central cave of Kong po bon ri, in 1858 (Earth-horse, sa rta). 34. [Cha] sKu gsum dgongs pa ’dus pa las :: nges don rdzogs pa chen po kun bzang dgongs pa ’khor ’das zang thal: a. 66–102. b. nges don. c. bdag ’dra mi ’gyur tshe dbang gsang sngags grags pas kong yul gyi gnas chen dbus phyogs yongs rdzogs dpal gyi phug nas sa pho rta’i lor phag zla’i tshes bzang por rol mo’i rigs kyis bsus te spyan drangs nas/slar gyim shod shel brag tshal du sa lug zla ba brgyad pa’i tshes la khyung nag dpal gyi rdzong du shog ser bod yig tu bsgyur ba’o/gter shog ngo mtshar bkra ba’i nor bu la/kho bo bde chen gling des dag par gtug/rjes ’jug yongs kyi bcos slad mi dgos nges/bkra shis/dge’o/zhal gro/.

Ta] gShin rje ’jigs byed rnal ’byor gyi nyams len bsam brtan nyal chog gdams pa gdug pa stobs ’joms a. 1–7. b. bsam brtan nyal chog. 3 I have been unable to find a list for this collective group of gshen pos in the sources available to me at the time of writing this note. 8   [] c. yu ral rtse lcog nas spyan drangs te/slar bka’ rgya rim par yol nas lung zin gyi skyes bu du mas bskul ba la brten te/shar smad shod du gtan la dbab par dge legs ’phel rgyas su gyur cig/sarba badzra e ya ma rakâ hûm rak/.

At that time, the three immortals (’chi med rnam gsum) living in the pure realm of the Thirty-three Gods,8 taught this cycle to gSang ba ’dus pa and other gShen. Five main tantras of the sPyi spungs sdong po dgu ’dus thig le dbyings chen linked to the practice of View (lta ba), Meditation (sgom pa), Conduct (spyod pa), Fruit or Result (’bras bu) and Commitments (dam tshig) were then taught. The importance of this cycle is such that the latter is presented as the fusion (’dus pa) of all tantras of the sPyi spungs class.

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