An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine by Dawa Norbu

By Dawa Norbu

An creation to Tibetan drugs

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An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine

An advent to Tibetan medication

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When it moves from the mother to the child, the mother becomes sad and child happy: and when it moves from the child to the mother, the child becomes sad the happy 37th The faculty of intellect develops. 38th The foetus is normally expelled from the womb of the mother mother. 9th 10th 1lth 12th Summary Tibetan is very rich in translations of Indic sastras. They are properly classified and scientifically translated. Some important Indian Contribution to Tibetan Medicine 23 and authentic works on ayurveda as well as treatises on other aspects of science and art are preserved in the Tibetan language.

E. space. This sky-space is perceived in three circular realms; the realm where the highest aspect of the divinity dwells with his consort, who is called the sacred knowledge one; the realm of the sky where the son of the sacred knowledge one dwells; and the realm of the mythical Mount Sulneru where the worldly aspect of the former two resides. 9uring ceremonial functions the mythologies and histories of these divinities as well as the hierophants are visually represented in religious paintings as a sacred tree (tshogs shin3) that reaches into the three upper realms.

Those are the main features of the tantric cult of the Healing Lord, but of course they occur in much more elaborate fashion in the actual Tibetan texts and corresponding cult. It is plain that the cures-such as occurred-depended on psychological factors, including the magnificence of the Bhaisajya-guru cult trappings and paraphernalia. In the case of curing one's own sickness, as in the preceding section, the visualization and incantation process alone is deemed sufficient. Foot Notes 1. This summary is based on materials collected in Alex Wavman, "The Concept of Poison in Buddhism," Oriens, X: 1(1957), pp.

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