A Tormenta de Espadas (As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo, Book 5) by George R. R. Martin

By George R. R. Martin

Os Sete Reinos estremecem quando os temíveis selvagens do lado de lá da Muralha se aproximam, numa maré interminável de homens, gigantes e terríveis bestas. Jon Snow, o Bastardo de Winterfell, encontra-se entre eles, debatendo-se com a sua consciência e o papel que é forçado a desempenhar.Todo o território continua a ferro e fogo. Robb Stark, o Jovem Lobo, vence todas as suas batalhas, mas será ele capaz de vencer as mais subtis, que não se travam pela espada? A sua irmã Arya continua em fuga e procura chegar a Correrrio, mas mesmo alguém tão desembaraçado como ela terá dificuldade em ultrapassar os obstáculos que se aproximam.Na corte de Joffrey, em Porto actual, Tyrion luta pela vida, depois de ter sido gravemente ferido na Batalha da Água Negra, e Sansa, livre do compromisso com o rapaz merciless que ocupa o Trono de Ferro, tem de lidar com as consequências de ser segunda na linha de sucessão de Winterfell, uma vez que Bran e Rickon se julgam mortos.No Leste, Daenerys Targaryen navega na direcção das terras da sua infância, mas antes terá de aportar às cidades dos esclavagistas, que despreza. Mas a menina indefesa transformou-se numa mulher poderosa. Quem sabe quanto pace falta para se transformar numa conquistadora impiedosa?

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What had set him in motion was spiritual uneasiness, a need for God; and if prophecies were made to him-and of that there can be no legitimate doubt-these referred to the wider effects of his novel and personal experience of God, for whom he had sought to gain sympathy and adherents from the very beginning. He suffered, and in comparing the measure of his own interior discomfort with that of the great majority, he concluded that his suffering bore the future within it. Your torment, your restlessness, so he learned from his newly discerned God, is not to be in vain-for it will impregnate many souls, will bring forth proselytes countless as the sand upon the seashore and provide the impulse for amplitudes of life con­ tained like a seed within it-in a word, you will be a blessing.

Aid for European postwar recovery. Foundation of two separate German states, the Federal Republic and the Democratic Republic. McCarthy anticommunist witch hunts in USA. NATO founded. Korean War. West German production outstrips prewar Reich. XXX I S IX T E E N Y E A R S (For the 1948 American edition of]oseph and His Brothers in a single volume) This piec e of work is no t u nlike a pyramid -- di fferi ng fro m its bro th ­ ers, thos e monst ers o n th e edge of th e Libyan d es er t, o nly i n tha t it did no t d emand th e sacrific e of h ecato mbs of lash ed and gasp i ng slaves but was built by th e pati ence of one ma n ov er long years - and to s ee th e entire enterpris e, previously divid ed in four parts, pre­ s en t ed now as th e unity it is b etw een th e two covers of a singl e vol­ u me, evokes in me, apart fro m jus tifiabl e a ma zement at a scarc ely imaginabl e achi ev emen t of th e bookbinder's craft, many memories and a p ensive, autobiographical state of mind.

I stood wh er e Wagn er had onc e stood wh en , aft er th e grand in ter polation of Tristan and Meistersinger, h e again took up work on his dramat ic epic, th e vast fairy tale of The Ring qf the Nibelung. Tr ue, my method of d ealing with myth was in ess enc e closer to th e h umor of Go eth e's "Classic Wal purg is Night" than to Wagn erian pathos; b ut th e unantici pat ed evol ut ion that th e story ofjos eph had tak en had, I am c ertain, always b een s ecretly infl uenced by memor ies XXX VII J O S E P H AND HI S B R O T HE R S of Wagner's grand edifice of motifs, was a successor to its intentions.

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