A Farewell to Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery (Aaron Tucker by Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion

By Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion

The lifetime of Aaron Tucker - freelance author and stay-at-home dad - is whatever yet dull. in truth, Aaron manages to discover himself in far more hazard than your normal mild-mannered Jewish man. He lands in a homicide research while a number one conservative flesh presser is located useless in his DC inn room, stumbled on through his mistress after her lengthy post-coital bathe. She (a former item of Aaron's affection) asks Aaron to discover the killer. Aaron does not see himself as an investigating genius yet he's taking the project, which does not sit down good along with his relatives.

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Come on inside,” I said, gesturing toward the door. ” I didn’t hold out my arm, but she took it anyway, and as we walked inside, Mahoney gave me the same look arsenic would give you if it had eyes. Inside was a table with “Hello My Name Is” name tags, next to which was tastefully arranged an array of pictures from the football highlights of Bloomfield High School’s team for my graduation year (meaning three pictures, one for each of our victories against nine losses). Mahoney and I walked past the table, having decided ahead of time to forego the stupid tags and let people guess who we were.

Okay, so I’d heard right. ” You can never be too sure. “Someone threw a stink bomb into the girls’ locker room during soccer practice on Friday. It was the third one this month— there was one in the boy’s bathroom on the second floor and one in the gymnasium. ” Anne seemed disappointed, already, in my investigative abilities.  . what? ” She smiled, but not sincerely. And Anne isn’t as good at insincerity as a real politician. “I know it doesn’t sound like much,” she said. “It doesn’t sound like much?

He also held his own, providing puns that would send lesser men running from the room. He had barely caught up with the rest of the group (wife, three kids, some sort of financial job I didn’t understand) when I spotted a short, trim woman with casually coiffed brown hair standing by herself in a corner, nursing a ginger ale. I must have gasped audibly, because Mahoney turned in her direction, and broke into the nastiest grin I’d seen on his face in six months. “Gail Rayburn,” he said, and the whole group turned first to her, then to me.

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